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Instant Credit Loans offers an easy-to-use online loan application & the flexible underwriting criteria you need to get your loan application approved, fast. You can apply online by simply answering a few short questions & the funds can be deposited into your account by the next business day. We make lending smarter from application to repayment. Everything we do is deigned to save you time, headaches, hassles and of oh yes. money too! That's what Instant Credit Loans is all about. 

Instant Credit Loans is a Missouri based corporation that offers a complete line of online lending solutions to people throughout the country. From our roots as a traditional store front lender, we have grown to become one of the top names in online lending. Our company prides itself on being flexible, adaptable and adding the human touch to the customer's experience whenever possible. We offer direct-to-consumer lending solutions to people in all 50 states & our innovative approach to lending, allows our customer to take advantage of affordable rates, flexible payment terms and convenient online repayment options. 


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Why Choose Instant Credit Loans?

When it comes to lending, sometimes you want to talk to a loan officer before you apply and other times you want to take care of business without ever talking to anyone. With Instant Credit Loans.com you can do both. We are one of the first companies in the industry to offer our services completely online & have been innovating lending for more then a decade. We offer a 100% free, no obligation loan application & the flexible underwriting criteria you need to get your loan application approved instantly. 

Instant Credit Loans.com provides a comprehensive list of online lending options that can be custom tailored to meet your individual financial needs. Simply answer a few short questions and you will be matched with a qualified loan offer. Once you review your personalized loan offer, you will be able to see how your selected repayment options & interest rate drive the cost of your loan. Since this is just an offer an offer, your under absolutely no obligation whatsoever.  

If you have any questions, you can read through our Frequently Asked Questions which will explain the entire loan process in greater detail. If you still have questions or just prefer to talk with someone, our customer service representatives are standing @ 314-605-6685. You can also complete our short online form to have someone from our office contact you. 

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